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Appointments and fees

Appointments and Fees

Making an Appointment

Contacting a therapist and seeking help for the first time can be a difficult experience. To make this process easier you can get in touch with me by either phone or email, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

To arrange an initial appointment please call 01844 355585. If I am unavailable please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. If you are not available, any message I leave will be discreet.

When you first contact me, it is helpful if we have a free short telephone conversation (around 10-15 minutes) so that we can talk through what has brought you to therapy, and how it may be able to help you. Following this, if you feel comfortable to proceed, we will make an appointment for an initial assessment session where we can discuss your difficulties in more detail. The assessment session is an opportunity to for us both to explore the issues that may be troubling you, and how they are impacting your life and wellbeing. It is also a good opportunity to express any concerns, or ask any questions that you may have about therapy. At the end of the assessment, I will share with you my understanding of what we have discussed, and what may be the appropriate therapeutic way forward.

If you prefer, you can e-mail me at

All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

You do not need to be referred by your GP or any other health practitioner.

Daytime, evening, and early morning appointments are available.

Attending an initial session does not commit you in any way to ongoing therapy.

Sessions are available by Skype - please contact me for information.

I am registered as an approved provider of psychological therapy with major healthcare insurance companies. Please contact me for details.



My fee is £100 per one hour session for individuals, and £150 per hour for couples.

Reduced fees are available for therapists in training.

Payment can be made by cash, or bank transfer.

Cancellations made more than 24 hours before the session will not be charged. Cancellations made on the day of the session will be charged at the full rate.

Due to extra administrative and communication time, fees claimed through insurance companies will be charged at the rate of £150 per hour.

Appointments and fees